A Letter From Trail Building Camp

Greetings, Training to become a trail builder is a tremendous amount of work. Summers here are so hot and humid which makes being outside all day draining. I never knew I could sweat so much. Usually, I'm the type of person who asks the hostess if there is a table outside but these days, air... Continue Reading →


Sweet Pups

Dear sweet pups, Kubota, and Suzy Q, I know you can't read and I know you don't get on computers and check up on blog posts (omg that would be amazingly adorable). However, this letter is for you. I hope you're liking your new home. I admit it broke my heart to walk away from... Continue Reading →

Plethora of Podcasts

Hey all - Many people have asked us what we do to stay entertained during days of driving. I bought my van in November and it’s already been to about seven states and three National Parks. That’s a lot of hours sitting in a car. When the scenic views are lacking or it’s pitch black... Continue Reading →

Hello & Goodbye Virginia

Sundays are usually laundromat days. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a laundromat. While in college, I found laundromats intriguing. I was an art nerd (still am) and had plans of creating a photo series of the different laundromats in my Chicago neighborhood. I never went through with that ambitious plan, but there... Continue Reading →

MO to VA

My favorite shirt is starting to show its age. A couple of holes have formed in the left armpit as well as the sleeve. It’s one of the eleven shirts I now have. I also have five tank tops, three pairs of jeans, two skirts (one short, one long) and two dresses (a casual one... Continue Reading →

Slick80 Nomads

Let’s chat. First, I’m going to apologize for being M.I.A for a while. I mean, life got a little cray you guys. And by cray, I mean life got a little disrupted, disorganized, scattered and re-located. Literally and maybe a tiny bit mentally. A little re-cap: The house at Slick80 is still standing. During the... Continue Reading →

Flood of the Ozarks

I’m working on my computer when I hear something fall and maybe breaks, I’m not really sure. I blame it on an annoying mouse but get up to check it out anyway. I grab my phone and while I put it into flashlight mode, I notice some water running along the floor. I thought perhaps... Continue Reading →

Keep On Keeping On

Hey everyone out there. It’s been a while I know. The last time we hung out, I believe I was sharing ridiculous anecdotes of the infamous VFW and Tylor was building trails somewhere hundreds of miles away. Well unfortunately for you, I no longer work at the VFW. Fortunately for me, I no longer have... Continue Reading →

Behind the Bar : The VFW

The VFW is a great place. It’s the only social hang out for 20 miles in all directions. Everyone knows everyone. VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign War. It’s a bar, a bingo hall and sometimes a wedding reception. It’s the only place for the community to go and where events are held. Anyone is... Continue Reading →

33 Years

For the May ROWDY, we had two people from Kansas City come down for the first time. Turns out they live pretty close to where we used to live in KC but some how never met. Instead we met because they chose to drive five hours to hang out here. And I’m so glad they... Continue Reading →

How Does One Get A Clone?

Hey all! It’s been a while since we chatted, I know, and I apologize. It’s raining so I think now is the perfect time to hang out. Would you like something to drink? A snack? I’ll wait. First of all, spring happened and I guess it’s summer now. I’m not really sure we even had... Continue Reading →

Our Sometimes Country Song Life

Last weekend we hosted our March ROWDY. Tylor met a friend in Ava who had ridden there all the way from Springfield. The two of them then rode to Slick80 from Ava, taking the Glade Top and gravel roads. As usual, the ROWDY brought down some good friends and it was a great time. It... Continue Reading →

Eggrolls & Sparkles

During the month of December, we were barely home. We were in Springfield and then St. Louis and then back to Springfield and then driving to Kansas City right after that. It was a great time to get away, visit our families and friends and we got an interesting tour of Missouri highways in our... Continue Reading →

More Thinking. Less Doing.

We make up our own work schedule around here. There are always chores to do, things to fix or something on the project list that needs to be crossed off. Randomly, I have clients from parts of the world demanding graphic work and we try to cram it all in a day every day. It... Continue Reading →

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